Specimen 37
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Specimen 37:

Specimen 37

From left to right:

Sketch Element: bass

MojoNine: drums

Empathy: guitar, vocals, synths, samples

Gee-roj: synths, vocals, samples
Longtime friends Gee-roj and Empathy have been composing music together since they were kids in a northern Virginia high school. Gee-roj stuck around to attend VCU while Empathy traveled north to Boston's Berklee College of Music. Gee-roj moved to Boston after graduation, and the two resumed their musical collaboration with what later became Specimen 37's first CD, Adverse Reaction. Originally intended as a studio project, Specimen 37's successful recruitment of Berklee drummer MojoNine (ex-Gracie, The Gloria Forward) and bassist Sketch Element led to successful live shows. A revolving door roster that at one point expanded to 7 members has eventually gelled into today's lean and nimble 4-piece.
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About the Endless Looping Game:
The dark themes that lurked in the background of Specimen 37's previous efforts leap forth like exorcised demons on The Endless Looping Game, a conceptual album composed of interlocking musical and lyrical puzzle pieces. This vibrant Boston four-piece propels through ambient meanderings, dynamic hard-hitting grooves and obscure electronic acrobatics to present a theatrical aural experience.
While the band's first CD, Adverse Reaction, was mostly a studio project adapted to a live performance, The Endless Looping Game was always meant to be performed as part of a visual, compelling live show. Musically, bassist Sketch Element's savvy sense of songwriting and arrangement pushed the boundaries into new and challenging trajectory.
The Endless Looping Game chronicles seven days in the life of the nameless "specimen," one man locked in an existential struggle to find meaning in everyday mundane acts. Sitting in traffic. Eating. Dating. Working. The specimen is antagonized by the world's myopic preoccupation with fame, religious conformity, war and material wealth. The specimen's debilitating fear is that he'll never find meaning in a world that seems to turn on an axis of meaninglessness, and in this chapter of the specimen's life, it's never clear whether or not he finds hope.
Pink Floyd comparisons, based on rampant themes of isolation, psychosis and anti-establishment rebellion, are inescapable. The Endless Looping Game swirls, soars and marches with the same theatrical, electronically enhanced heady sound inherent in such Pink Floyd epics as Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Guitars shimmer, synthetic walls of sound are erected then dismantled, while throughout lurk snippets of telephone conversations, radio sports shows, weather reports and overheard water cooler workplace conversations oozing with habitual, predictable platitudes. Though primary songwriters Gee-roj and Empathy demonstrate an appreciation of the progressive spacey jam, The Endless Looping Game also rocks with a hard-hitting post-grunge aggression wrought by drummer MojoNine.

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