Specimen 37


Song TitleLyrics Download
Driven to Distraction *full song
Fret   full song
Breathe In… Release *full song


The Endless Looping Game
Song TitleLyrics DownloadStream
Awake with a Shock      
What is Life? *    
Monday *    
Blow Things Up! *    
Logging On *    
DownCast *   *
Thursday Morning Jogger      
Helix *full song*
The Endless Looping Game *   *
Randy and the Gogzies *    


Adverse Reaction
Song TitleLyrics Download
Magniscope *  
Worm Hole   full song
Sanctuary *full song
Immanence *  
First Contact *sample
The Gathering   sample
ABC *sample
Silent Sorrow    
David's P's    
Analysis *  
Fear *full song
Conflict *  
Enlightenment *  
After Image    
Re-mix and Live Section
Song TitleLyrics Download
First Contact
(Trance Mix)
Re-mixed by: Empathy
*full song  
(Nervous and Skittery Mix)
Re-mixed by: Chuck
*full song  
Re-mixed by: T-DV
*full song  
Adverse Rekonstruktion
Re-mixed by: Chuck
37 minutes long
  full song  


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