Specimen 37
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Point from an infinitesimal point of singularity
Develops the infinite character, destined forever
To grow in shapes which form coherent functions within the equating whole
Figures illuminate the atomic home front, designed by some quantum architect from
A growing desire to travel the eternal cycle
Never neglect the success of the weak, which can only lead to the will of survival
Strength migrates out to an irrelevant time
Everything continues on track by design, sort of
Asking the question "Why?"
Leads to the answer in the sky, born from the eye
There to discover its own unique role
Chaos attempts to define many circles
Emerging as a kind of focused blur
Learning from lessons last taught
Out with the old and in with the new
Better enhanced point of view
Racing towards the finish line, which may be the racetrack itself
Confused? Until the next time...
When failure briefly falls behind, unwind
And let go for a moment
While coasting in the lead, until the next evolutionary breed, concede
That we still don't have a clue...


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