Specimen 37
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Blow Things Up!
Wound up tightly, scratching slightly
Fits of rage, locked in a cage
Lost in traffic, shifting madness
Tuesday morning, buildings crumbling, time to blow things up!
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Jackhammer slam at 7 A.M.
Awake with a shock, appeal to the clock
Standing in line, look at the time!
Again running late, no time to wait
Packed in the train, distant and drained
Bodily smells, beligerent yells
Turning the stiles, ride out the miles
Passionless eyes, poisonous skies
Principles clash, economies crash
Business charade, bosses degrade
Words on the page, fueling the rage
Sermons ordain inflicting the pain
Cleansing their souls is the only goal
Heathen decline, fools are all blind!
Careless and free, soon they will see...
Assault from the sky, etched in their minds
Today is the day, making them pay
Watching them fall, KILLING THEM ALL!


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