Specimen 37
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Time marches on, oblivious
And we approach our darkest hour
The child within you suffocated
Usurped by dreams of wealth and power
Hiding beneath the soul's oppression
Despair and anger trapped within
A psychic shield our secret weapon
And we will never let you in
Screens flash, the advertising beckons
a hollow sense of what is real
We're told we all are so connected
Yet we've forgotten how to feel
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Fat flies, we buzz around the trauma
At least until the stench is gone
Complacent drones, we take our soma
And our attention spans drift on...
The media manipulation
distract, deflect you from the truth
feeding our lust for new sensation
and our obsession with our youth
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How can I fight the demon?
The crippling apathy
Mistrust and terror, feeding
it's all around me
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Sometimes I feel so suicidal
Sometimes I feel like I could die
Sometimes I feel so unimportant
And like the world has passed me by
sometimes it's all so overwhelming
sometimes it makes me want to scream
the darkness, all-enveloping
a sick and unrelenting dream
Sometimes I feel forsaken
and that all hope is gone
but then the feeling fades, and
I learn to carry on...


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