Specimen 37
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Driven to Distraction
Focus fading, disappear
Shallow sustenance is near
Relax your mind and let them steer
Further stupefaction
Bask in warm photonic glow
Reap the empty seeds they sow
Subtle slogan's undertow
and we're driven to distraction
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Focus groups and cunning words
Buttons pushed, emotions stirred
True agendas left unheard
Driven to Distraction
From the cradle to the tomb
Your subconscious mind subsumed
To insure that you consume
and you're driven to distraction
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But when the silence comes, it's an ocean of peace
Dissolving your ego
And salvation lies when you look deep inside
And let all the fear go
Well it's an eightfold path and it twists and it turns
Requires reflection
But it's so hard to breathe while your senses still burn
And Maya, she beckons
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Don't take a passive role
Don't sit back and watch your life unfold
Decide to take control
Release your soul from desire's black hole


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