Specimen 37
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The Endless Looping Game
Scrolling through our history books, the stories remain the same
Page by page, they illustrate an endless looping game
Holy plans for conquered lands, a monarch's head on a stake
Civil rights and righteous fights, atonement for past mistakes
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Endlessly yearning for peace to arrive
But the pages keep turning through established designs
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Sifting through the modern news, the headlines remain unchanged
From front to back, reports re-enact that Endless Looping Game
Holy wars with dictators, a martyr's face on the news
Retaliation with missile strikes, fleeting attempts at a truce
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In our dreams we've been pleading for peace in our time
But we still keep on scheming of ways to stay blind
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Fall in line, you're just in time to the Endless Looping Game.
Roll the dice and name your price, the outcome remains the same
Nine to Five, you'll learn to strive, while clocks tick all around you
Imprisoned by a patterned life, with dreams left never pursued
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Insensibly marching through the patterns of time
While searching for meaning in our frustrated lives
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Looking back though time, and forwards you'll find
Towards the space that stays unchanged
And in between a reoccurring theme
of yearly patterns, prearranged
So day by day, waiting for time to stoprunning through our weekly scenes
As the hours tick by in the blink of an eye
Another year to put off our dreams
Or so it seems...
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Printed designs of wars and crimes
Collective masses, caught in a ruse
Of pious ideas, with deceptive views
Leading us into a global feud
So day by day, as we struggle to stop
Time bombs of growing hate
Watch our world drift through this destructive view
Conditioned minds will concentrate
On ways to annihilate...
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So the cycle runs, rotating 'round the sun
Our planet spins through its chain of affairs
As the cosmos expands, and time continues to bend
Spiraling outward in vast detail
Turning through each day, without any stops
Dates featured on our walls
Turning through each page, until it's time to arrange
New sets of digits to install
And memories to recall...
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Grab your pen and cross them off
Marking each and every day
Crossing lines of measured time
Numbered boxes on display
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And we're endlessly looping
Through the models of time
From waking to dreaming
In our day to day lives
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Prophets to Messiahs
Bibles and magazines
Searching for Utopia
With hopes of brand new dreams
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Still searching for answers
We never will find
An ultimate meaning
For our lifetime design


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