Specimen 37
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I've grown tired of the countless investments
Commitments I have made to this consensual hallucination we call reality
Having seen glimpses in the past of peace, in the few precious moments of silence I have been
blessed with
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I attempt to look deep within
To find the truth, the glue of existence
I slide deeper into concentration
Breathing slower
To find...
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Within all is one
(Within one is all)
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Disturbances arise
A pattern swirls before my eyes
Through distinctions, I surmise
Discrete trajectories of time
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My pure frequency of mind
Picks up distortions, counter-modulations
Slipping into random noise
Perceived through fractured concentration
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Within all is one
(Within one is all)
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But bullets hurtle silently
And find their hapless targets dreaming
Money-hungry power brokers
Buy and sell your future, feeling...
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Is the way
The people spend their empty lives
The circle turns, and darkness swallows light
Collapsing supernova
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Within order is the seed of chaos
Turbulent and boundless
Within God there is the foulest demon
Tugging at your consciousness
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Complexities of matter are returning to the infinite
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The ending and beginning is the ending and beginning...


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