Specimen 37
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Logging On
Shuffling through the grinding, graying dawn
Locked into our boxes, force fields on
Panic in our smiles, Numbing all the while
Commissions are won, Never see the sun
Artificial well trained, just a drill
Sense of self is broken to the kill
Tomorrow stays the same; routine is the game
Shutting down the mind, Crunching numbers blind
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Eating, breathing, never feeling, heart rate rising, just surviving
Two more days until we live again, just two more days until we cry again
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One more fax one more click in between
Making conversation with our screens
Anesthetic bliss, corporation's kiss
Memorandum's glare, supervisor's stare
Cubicles collapsing, what's the cost?
Just another Wednesday, are we lost?
Slow return to gray, suck the will away
All directives prime, suffocating time
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Drowning, drinking, never thinking, liver busted, body rusted
Two more days until we laugh again, two more days until we die again.


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