Specimen 37
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The fly was buzzing and buzzing around his head
Fussing and fussing about the bread
He'd eaten and eaten for several days
Screaming and screaming about the way
The crumbs had fallen and fallen into a maze
Of multiple patterns of DNA
Like fractals of lanterns across the sky
Glowing and burning inside the fly
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It made him laugh, and he laughed until he cried
It made him live, and he lived until he died
His body withered and crumbled into ash
All that remained of him scattered upon the grass
His atoms hurtling into the abyss
His mind expanding, encompassing all that is
How could something so tiny, so very small
Also be something so big, so very large?
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How big we seem, how old we feel
When we are simply three
I thought it all was bad or good,
The sun revolved 'round me
And as I grew, I learned the truth
tossed in a swelling sea
Everything's made up of bits,
And "me" is part of "we"
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So as the sun sets over and over
It rises again the next day
The birds awake, rustle their feathers
Shake off, and fly away


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