Specimen 37
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For Nina it's another run
Though a laundry list of Monday fun
Horseback rides through private school
Swimming lessons in a brand new pool
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Mumsy's got the plans laid out
For Nina's college, home, and spouse
Ignoring the white-powdered razor marks
On the little mirror in the jewelry box
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Pressures from within
Appearances mean all to Mom & Dad
From staying thin
To monitoring all the friends I have
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What I really need
Is freedom for my own life to unveil
Tempted to concede
Knowing Daddy's check is in the mail
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Now Roger's just an honest guy
With a button-down shirt and casual tie
Raised to know what's right and good
In a sprawling suburban neighborhood
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He'll play it safe, and forfeit his dreams
While losing all his self-esteem
Late-night hours on a Monday shift
He hangs his head in disbelief
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Stuck behind a desk
Contemplating wrong turns in my life
Mismanaged stress
I'm searching for that one big oversight
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What I'd like to know
Is if there is a way to turn back time
A chance to explore
The realized potential of my mind...
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Gunshots firing, stocks are falling
Our desires are defined
While everything is do-or-die
In our credit-laden lives
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Corporate hiring, gangsters fighting
Trust fund babies cry
Yes Men nod their heads and feed
Almighty Bottom Line
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Banks are merging, cellphones ringing
As rival gangs collide
Inner city fantasies
Of golden hub-capped rides
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Little Mikey's not allowed to play today
He's in to stay, to watch the rain
'Cause Little Mikey's bigger brother's gone away
Another life for the streets to claim
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Flashing lights for all to see
An early Monday Morning casualty
Mikey hangs his head and starts to cry
In his room he hides and wonders "Why?"
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My mommy always said
Everything in life will turn out fine
But now my brother's dead
And my mommy's turned into a liar
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If everyone is free
And we're more or less the same
Then how come all I see
Is so many of us causing pain
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'Cause we can never see
What it is we're made to be
Individuality swallowed by economy
Improving your liquidity
Changing rates of currency
Struggling perpetually
Tethered to the money tree


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