Specimen 37
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Randy and the Gogzies
Propulsion now controlled the way he branded all his hides
And Randy took his Super Morphing Tractor for a ride
The green and gangly Gogzies quickly followed in pursuit
They jerked, and fused, and jetted all the way to New Beirut
The camels now had snowtreads, so he took one for a spin
He managed to increase his speed and wound up in Berlin
The Gogzies were so dumbfounded, they had to take a break!
They grabbed combustion forks, and ate pink corrugated steaks
As randy slipped, and chipped his tooth, a camera did scan
The Universal Monitors were running in Japan...
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All functions working properly, God's Cabinet did convene
They fondled their remote control diskette scanning machines
God just smiled, and shifted in his posturepedic chair
The Internal Scales were all that ever filled his head with care
A grain of sand placed on the left, and a Leveling took place
In Iceland, Randy finally met the Gogzies face to face
Each one thought the other cursed with some perverted sin
God's balancing act saw to it that neither one would ever win


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