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Adverse Reaction - Reviews:

"Man some creepy stuff. I hit play and ran and hid in the closet... just in case. Space-scapes of the nether worlds abound. Synth bits go woosh and ping and someone speaks softly or knashes the vocals through EQ and distortion (when there is a vocal). Bass feel meanders beneath pseudo club beats with lots of electronica zing. (Must I continue?) O.K. so we like to experiment. We're sick of guitar pop. We want to do it our way (like Frank the Sin-atra). Good by me, dude. Drop a few of your favorites and when the rush ensues, you're here. Space, the final frontier. Don't be scared, read the song titles; I'm here with you; 'First Contact', 'Luminescence', 'Silent Sorrow', 'Enlightenment', 'Worm Hole' and 'Sanctuary'."

-L.A. "Oh" (Joe)
Boston Soundcheck Magazine
August 2001 issue


"It's hard to put a label on Specimen 37. The best way to describe them is 'electro-goth-metal-techno-raver-ambiant with a strong '80's feel.' I still haven't decided if this album is a work of genius or just incredibly pretentious. You have to wonder when the band members have names like 'Mojonine' and 'gEE-rOj'.

This isn't even an album as much as it is a collection of sound bites grouped together and called songs. Yet somehow, in some really bizarre and convoluted way, it works. It's the kind of music where you get the feeling that it was put together at three in the morning under the influence of some highly addictive and illegal substances. But in a good way.

For example, 'Conflict' includes the sounds of gunfire and some upbeat Prodigy-like sampling, while 'Sanctuary' has strong goth overtones and a creepy electro beat. Also to my liking was 'Davids Ps,' which begins with an arrangement of random noises. Some of the songs are slow and some are fast; some have lyrics and some do not. Each is unique. Even the parts of the individual songs are unique. This is an album complex enough to keep you listening over and over again."

-Marissa Warner Wu
The Noise Magazine
June 2001 issue


"Specimen 37 plays self-proclaimed 'Psychetronic Rock'. This seems to be a combination of loops, programmed drums, ambient noise, dub-y fade-ins, understated, schooled guitar solos, and vocals like Trent Reznor's (with all the anguish but without the anger). This 'Psychetronic' thing could be best compared to a modern synthesis of Pink Floyd and Pere Ubu; there are plenty of psychedelic and avant-punk touches, but it's all been blended and filtered through a steady diet of electronica.

'A vacant marketeering smile/ Filled with self-loathing tortured by self-denial/ The jaded cynicism smile/ The constant voices sneering at my hopes and desires/ I've become something I revile' are the lyrics to 'Sanctuary'."

-Mike Baldino
Northeast Performer Magazine
June 2001 issue

note: Lyrics to Sanctuary are not entirely accurate.


"This must be the month for new sounds because the creative six members of Specimen 37 are continuing the trend of engaging, original music with their album Adverse Reaction. Cleverly blending techno rhythms, mesmerizing rock riffs and over-the-top sound bytes, Specimen 37 constructs alluring tracks filled with bounding energy.

The musicianship is stellar as is the production of this intriguing body of work. Specimen 37 reflects the sum of it's parts and it shows as these songs soar with a power not yet common to the masses. This is another album that will have to be experienced to be appreciated, but my guess is after one listen, you'll come away with a remarkable aural experience you won't soon forget."

- Douglas Sloan
Metronome Magazine
May 2001 issue


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